Ubiquiti - Unifi Controller Version 5.2.9 veröffentlicht

Bereits vor ca. 2 Wochen wurde von Ubiquiti die Unifi Controller Version 5.2.9 veröffentlicht.


Neben Zahlreichen Bugfixes gibt es auch ein paar neue Features:

New Features:

  • Add Static Routes and Firewall rules (beta) in Settings.
  • Add Auto Backup in Settings.
  • Add Remember me to login page (extend session timeout to 24h).
  • Device details: Add Channel Utilization.
  • Added minimum rate and beacon control for UAPs
  • Added memory usage and load average to AP and switch details
  • Added the ability to config gateway, switch and AP LED on/off state
    • Added LED config option to device General config form
  • Added smart banner for iPhone/iPad devices.
  • Add DPI category/app/client views in Statistics.
  • Allow overriding angular Hotspot Portal files.


Mehr dazu hier: http://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Updates-Blog/UniFi-5-2-9-is-released/ba-p/1694199

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