Neues von Ubiquiti Networks: Die kostenfreie Unifi Controller Software ist der Version 5.11.39 erschienen und zum Download für Windows, Linux und Mac verfügbar.
 Neue Features sind:
  • Add 802.1X multi-host option.
  • Add ARP cache timeout configuration (under advanced in gateway property panel).
  • Add Device Fingerprint customization.
  • Add DHCP Snooping toggle under site settings.
  • Add high DNS latency anomaly.
  • Add info about GeoIP and IPS to System Config page.
  • Add Japanese language.
  • Add LED and LCM brightness and sync control settings for compatible UniFi Switch devices.
  • Add new setup wizard.
  • Add option to define power source for USW-Flex.
  • Add per-device LED LCM override settings for compatible UniFi Switch devices.
  • Add per-port STP toggle with port profile support.
  • Add site-to-site data to VPN widget.
  • Add split SSID function (Combine Name/SSID).
  • Add start and stop range for IPv6 PD.

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